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Marco Pavin was born in Padua (Italy).
He began learning guitar at the age of eleven.
After graduation with degrees in physics and in classical guitar, he participated in several masterclasses with Betho Davezac and David Russell.
At the same time he independently pursued studies in electric guitar and improvisation.
As classical guitarist, he has won first prize in national contests, both as a guitar soloist ("Riviera dei fiori" contest in Alassio in 1992) and in a duo with flute ("Città di Genova" contest in 1991).
Since 1987 he has performed as soloist, in chamber ensembles, and with orchestra in Italy, Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Egypt, and 4 tours in the United States. He participated in several important contemporary music festivals and in radio-TV recordings.
He has become a specialist in contemporary repertoire. By 1989 he has got a twenty-year collaboration with the INTERENSEMBLE, a group with whom he had important experiences, from XX century to avant-garde, included computer-music.
He also performed in jazz and fusion groups (Slang, Renewal Quartet).
During the last years he has devoted himself to electric guitar and its utilization in classical contemporary music, searching for a meeting point with other musical realities, such as modern jazz and rock. In 1995 he performed in Bologna in one of the first contexts in which the electric guitar appears as solo instrument with orchestra, under the direction of Arturo Tamayo and in front of 3000 people.
Improvisation is an important component of his musical language, influenced both by academic contemporary music and by the main tendencies of today's music.
In his performances, the solo electric guitar matches with effects, live electronics, MIDI and computer-generated sounds.
With the INTERENSEMBLE he realized 7 CDs in various contexts, from minimalism to Astor Piazzolla.
His first CD as a soloist, "Electric Dream", came out in 2001. It is entirely dedicated to the contemporary electric guitar, in which he is also present as a composer. Among the tunes, the well-known "Electric Counterpoint" by Steve Reich, in a completely electric version. The CD has been broadcasted in Europe (London), U.S.A. (Oberlin -OHIO) and Australia (Perth).

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